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Source: DE/PA-AA/BoKon/170
Publication: DuA Dok. 131
Embassy register: A53a/1915/4647
Edition: Genocide 1915/16
Embassy/consular serial number:
Translated by: Robert Berridge (Translation sponsored by Zoryan Institute)
Last updated: 04/22/2012

Notes of the Naval Attaché, Humann

Conversation between Humann and Enver 6 August 1915

3) [According to the slightly different version in Jaeckh’s estate this part of Humann's notes is an excerpt from an interview of a P.W. with Enver.] In connection with the presence of Dr. Lepsius from the German-Armenian Committee, Enver mentioned a report known to him from an American Consul to the Ambassador of the United States: Whereby the Consul came to the conclusion that the American government would be well advised to give up its Armenian strategy as, through their measures against the Armenians, the Turks have made any future political action with them impossible. The Armenians have not been annihilated, which from a political standpoint would not yet be the worst thing. As with all such massacres a small number would always remain, upon which all hope for the future could be based. Instead of this, one has spread them out all over the country, which from a political standpoint is worse, so that for better or for worse they have to merge into the Turkish elements of the country. With that, the prerequisites for a promising Armenian strategy have been disposed of once and for all.

Enver further related the numerous warnings, which he had given the Armenian Patriarch at the beginning of the war, pointing out at the same time the praise that Sassonow had given in the Duma to the “loyal” Armenians in Turkey.

Induced and incited by Russian agents, the Armenians have waged war so thoroughly against the Ottoman population that in the Vilayet of Van, which used to boast 150,000 Turks, only 30,000 Moslems are still alive.

Moreover, Enver is also aware of a conspiracy, whereby about 30,000 Armenians in the area around Adapazar-Ismid wanted to support a Russian landing at Sakaria.

He himself had taken the viewpoint in the Council of Ministers that one must make an attempt to try to get along with the Armenians in peace and freedom, especially taking the war into account.

He had also told this to the Patriarch, but together with the warning that draconian measures would be taken in the event of the smallest incident in the Eastern Armenian centre. An army, which is fighting a powerful enemy in the Caucasus must be absolutely sure that an enemy is not standing behind him. To this end, he as Military Commander-in-Chief would use all means available to see that this was done.

Enver Pasha is also prepared to receive Dr. Lepsius [Wording in the works of a document in Jaeckh’s estate: "to receive Dr. Lepsius in accordance with Dr. Jäckh's request."] and discuss the Armenian question with him.

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