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Zentraljournal: 1915-A-28440
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Edition: Genozid 1915/16
Praesentatsdatum: 09/30/1915 p.m.
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"The Westminster Gazette"

By this time we are unhappily becoming accustomed to the “frightful” savagery into which war can be turned by belligerents paying no heed to law or humanity; but even so, there is something inexpressibly shocking and devilish about the story which the Times Cairo correspondent tells to-day of the wholesale murders in Armenia. The two Turkish Ministers responsible are Enver Bey (which might have been expected) and (what is a good deal more surprising) Talaat Bey.
Their method against the defenceless colonies of Armenians in Asia Minor was an order for their expulsion and deportation to centres in the interior, any resistance or delay in complying with the Government order being made the excuse for murder, rape, and other savageries.

Men have been shot down in cold blood, crucified, mutilated, or dragged off for labour battalions; children carried off and forcibly converted to Islam; women violated and enslaved in the interior, shot down, or sent off with their children to the desert west of Mosul, where there is neither water nor food, or to Deireszor, between Aleppo and Bagdad, where there is no food, in either case to die miserably.


So far from German influence being used to restrain these infamous crimes, we are actually told that German Consuls in some cases directed or encouraged the proceedings. Thus Rossler, the Consul at Aleppo, a fitting companion to his colleague at Haifa, went to Aintab to superintend in person, and the notorious Baron Oppenheim suggested the removal of women and children of the Allies to Urfa, where they could not fail to witness the barbarities committed by the troops in the streets, which literally run blood. The conduct of Talaat Bey is the more terrible in that three of the leading Armenians murdered have long been his intimate personal friends. We can only hope that the highly placed Turks who are responsible will eventually be brought to book and punished for their crimes. German Kultur will doubtless be prouder than ever of it’s alliance with Turkey – so true it is that birds of a feather flock together. But the neutral world can hardly fail to see fresh confirmation of the fact that the cause of the Allies is the cause of justice and of humanity.

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