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Source: DE/PA-AA/R14104
Publication: DuA Dok. 434 (re. gk.)
Central register: 1918-A-36001
Edition: Caucasus Campaign
Departure of telegram: 08/25/1918 07:55 PM
Arrival of telegram: 08/26/1918 04:47 AM
Date of entry in central register: 08/27/1918 a.m.
Embassy/consular serial number: Nr. 1371
Translated by: Vera Draack (Translation sponsored by Zoryan Institute)
Last updated: 04/15/2012

From the Ambassador in Constantinople (Bernstorff) to the Foreign Office

Telegraphic Report

Nr. 1371
Constantinople, 25 August 1918
General von Kress sent the following telegram dated 20 August No. ... [Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] (arrived badly garbled):

Also for the German Foreign Office No. 69 and the Supreme Army Command No. 27; received 55 [A 32697 under A 34883], 57 [A 32857] and 70 [A 34222] from the German Foreign Office.

Supposed Turkish concession with regard to the question of the return of the Armenian refugees is completely worthless. While the harvest in the areas occupied by the Turkish troops is rotting due to the lack of human labour, insofar as the Turks themselves do not cart it away, masses of people concentrated in the unproductive areas to the east of the line denoted by Enver Pasha are heading ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] towards their certain death. The situation is getting worse from day to day. Should all the desperate cries for help by the government ... ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] and the highest clergy in the country go unheard, the vast responsibility for the destruction ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] of a Christian people will rest forever on Germany – Austria. History will and must refuse to make concession that the two great Christian empires of Central Europe were not in a position, at least with regard to this one item concerning the existence or non-existence of an entire people, to force their will upon their Asian ally.

Even if the Turks permit them to return ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.], Essad Pascha's delaying tactics ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] that he reserves the right to give special permission in each individual case and the applications received are either not answered at all or answered only very briefly.

Turkish wish for ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] Armenian from Baku is as understandable as it is obvious. Turks ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] not only ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] armed ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] position, but are also mainly ... ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.]... ... ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] request telegraphic message, at least with regard to continued fighting in the northern Caucasus area and complete uncertainty of the situation is completely out of the question. In addition, British propaganda and ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] if not ... ...[Group[s] cannot be deciphered.] will undoubtedly be received by this very submissive increase caused by Armenians freed from every sort of pressure and consideration.


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