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Source: DE/PA-AA/R14089
Central register: 1916-A-01651
Edition: Genocide 1915/16
Date of entry in central register: 01/18/1916
Embassy/consular serial number:
Translated by: Vera Draack (Translation sponsored by Zoryan Institute)
Last updated: 03/23/2012

Notes by the German Foreign Office

1 letter. Alarming!
Letter from Dr. Ritter to Professor Becker in Bonn.

Pp. 6 and 8 contain information on the massacres of Armenians and Syrians.

[Note by Wesendonk 18.1.]

Consul Schabinger with a request to examine the Arabic passages.


The Arabic passage on p. 4 contains an [illegible] inscription and is harmless.

P. 11 is Turkish. Translated into German (S. Beck), it says the following:

24 January 1916 Mittwoch

[Note by Wesendonk 26.1.]

[Note by the Foreign Office, 3 February]

Request that this be treated confidentially.

[Note by the Foreign Office, 3 February]

According to information from Dept. II, the enclosed wording is used for requests to treat something confidentially.


The enclosed letters are to be put in a German Foreign Office envelope and sent sealed as "Printed Matter of the Reich" with the following remark:

As the enclosed letter contains military and political news, it is in the interest of our country to keep its contents secret.

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