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Quelle: DE/PA-AA/R14090
Zentraljournal: 1916-A-06757
Erste Internetveröffentlichung: 2000 März
Edition: Genozid 1915/16
Praesentatsdatum: 03/13/1916 p.m.
Laufende Botschafts/Konsulats-Nummer: No. 202
Zustand: A
Letzte Änderung: 03/23/2012

Der Unterstaatssekretär des Auswärtigen Amts (Zimmermann) an den Botschafter in außerordentlicher Mission in Konstantinopel (Wolff-Metternich)


No. 202

Berlin, den 14. März 1916

Abschriftlich nebst Anlage dem - tit - Botschafter Pera zur gef. vertraulichen Kenntnisnahme übersandt.

Die Anlagen beziehen sich auf die mit Telegramm No. 268 angekündigte Demarsche.

Dass der Kaiserliche Botschafter in Washington den ihm vertraulich zugänglich gemachten dortigen Bericht No. 501 vom 12. August dem Staatsdepartement schriftlich mitgeteilt hat, entsprach nicht den diesseitigen Intentionen.


Anlage 1

F. O. No. 8515

American Embassy Berlin
Note Verbale.

Acting under instructions from its Government, the American Embassy has the honor to transmit herewith to the Imperial Foreign Office, for its information, a copy of a Note, dated February 16, 1916, which the Secretary of State has delivered to the Imperial German Ambassador at Washington, relative to an instruction which the former had cabled to the American Chargé d'Affaires at Constantinople, instructing him to again urgently appeal to the sense of humanity and justice of the Turkish Government and to urge it to take immediate steps towards the amelioration of the conditions at present existing among the Armenians and towards the redress of the injuries already inflicted upon them.

Berlin, March 11th, 1916.

To the Imperial Foreign Office,

Enclosure: Copy of a Note dated Feb. 16, 1916 from Washington.

Anlage 2


Department of State. Washington.

February 16, 1916.

His Excellency Count J. H. von Bernstorff, Imperial German Ambassador.

No. 1794.


Referring to your unofficial note of October 8, 1915, enclosing a copy of a memorandum handed to the Imperial Ottoman Government by the acting Imperial Ambassador at Constantinople on August 9, 1915, protesting against the expulsion of the Armenians, I have the honor to inform you that the United States Government has received and is still receiving information giving detailed accounts of the continued sufferings which have accompanied and resulted from the systematic expulsion of the Armenians from their homes and from the other mistreatment which they have suffered. The information has come largely from private but reliable sources and from individuals of many different nationalities and indicates that the promise, which you state in your note of October 8th the Ottoman Government had made to the acting Imperial German Ambassador at Constantinople, to the effect that it would take the measures necessary to prevent the repetition of excesses against the Armenians, has not been fulfilled. Being greatly in doubt as to whether I am longer justified in keeping from the American people the terrible facts in my possession, I have instructed the American Chargé d'Affaires at Constantinople again earnestly to appeal to the sense of justice and to the humanity of the Ottoman Government, and to urge it to take prompt action to redress the injuries, which have been inflicted upon the Armenians and to adopt measures to ameliorate the condition of the surviving Armenians in the future. My decision as to what if any statement, on the subject of the treatment of the Armenians by the Turks, should be made to the American people, will depend very largely upon the action which the Ottoman Government takes upon the new appeal made in behalf of the Armenians by the American Chargé d'Affaires.

As your note of October 8, 1915, to the Department and the note of the acting Imperial German Ambassador at Constantinople, both indicate that the German Government shares with the Government of the United States its indignation at the conduct pursued by the Ottoman Government against the Armenians and its desire to secure an amelioration of the existing conditions, I have thought it proper to communicate to you at this time the substance of the instruction which has been cabled to the American Chargé d'Affaires at Constantinople, in the hope that the German Government may see fit to exercise once more its influence with the Ottoman Government in the effort now being made to put an end to the Armenian tragedy.

Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.

Robert Lansing.

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