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Zentraljournal: 1913-A-14559
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Edition: Armenische Reformen
Telegramm-Abgang: 07/24/1913
Praesentatsdatum: 07/18/1913 p.m.
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Letzte Änderung: 11/19/2017

Die britische Botschaft in Berlin an das Auswärtige Amt

Berlin, 18. Juli 1913

Sir Edward Grey has impressed upon M. Sazonoff that two conditions are essential to the success of reforms:

1) Unanimity amongst the Powers;

2) Acceptance of their scheme by the Ottoman Government without coercion.

Sir E. Grey has urged that both schemes of reform, namely that proposed by Russia for the Armenian Vilayets and the general scheme proposed by Turkey, should be discussed by the Ambassadors. It may be admitted, in Sir E. Grey's opinion, that the reforms cannot be perfectly uniform for all provinces and that the adoption of reforms in the Armenian provinces is the most urgent consideration.

Sir Edward Grey hopes, that the necessary agreement to enable the discussion to begin may be reached on these lines."

[Lord Granville]

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