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Source: DK/RA-UM/UM, 2-0355, ”Konstantinopel/Istanbul, diplomatisk repræsentation”, ”Noter og indberetninger om den politiske udvikling, 1914-1922”, ”Verdenskrigen. Rapporter fra Smyrna. Nov. 1914-marts 1916”
Edition: Danish diplomatic sources
Departure of telegram: 10/19/1915
Embassy/consular serial number: No. 25/Nr. 463
Translated by: Matthias Bjørnlund
Last updated: 04/01/2012

Konsul i Smyrna (Alfred van der Zee) til Legationen i Konstantinopel (Carl Ellis Wandel)


No. 25 / Nr. 463 [Report written in English]
Consulat Royal de Danemark. Smyrne, October 19th. 1915. J. N. 90, No. 25.

To His Excellency Mr. C. E. Wandel, His Majesty's Minister Resident, Constantinople.

I have the honour to report that the transportation of troops from these quarters to the Capital was continued actively until now, a military train leaving Smyrna every day & as foreseen in my last report of 30th. ult. the whole of the 4th. Army Corps has now gone. Further the Greek rayah soldiers who so far have been employed in repairing and making roads also putting up earthworks are now being sent to Adrianople.-

AEROPLANES.- On the 6th. Inst. at 10 a.m. an aeroplane appeared above the city and when it came near enough, the batteries of Mount Pagus [Kadifekale] opened fire on it, notwithstanding that its mark consisting of the Prussian cross was perfectly visible and the fact that according to the aviators they made signs that they were about to come to earth & kept waving a German flag. As the aeroplane was lowering, the third shot struck the propeller and brought it to the ground, after which the disabled craft skilfully spialed down and the aviators landed unhurt.-

This is a German flyer which is reported to have come from the Sea of Marmora. It has been repairing here & this morning has made trial flights above the city.-

BELLIGERENT SUBJECTS.- These have been greatly troubled by the rumour that consequent on orders received from the Capital, the moneys deposited by them in banks will be seized by [the] Government and the confirmation that seems to be given by the fact that the Imperial Ottoman Bank [is] refusing to pay them any sums on account.- It is hoped that this refusal is based on some mistake and that orders will be received to pay in accordance with the laws of the moratorium.-

REQUISITIONS.- The requisitioning of goods is proceeding on an even larger scale than heretofore. The articles mostly in demand and for which a "mazbata" is as usual delivered in exchange for them are: iron, copper, leather, timber and grain. About 2000 Pounds worth of copper have been taken from one merchant alone, and over 8000 Pounds of hides have been lately seized on board of the Dutch s/s "Achilles," which steamer is with several others closed in the port of Smyrna; no forewarning whatever had been given to these steamers to have to leave this port when it was closed by mines on October 30th. of last year.-

TELEPHONE WIRES.- All the private wires have been raised, the object being to rally the different earthworks to headquarters.-

I am Your Excellency's most obedient servant,
Alfred van der Zee

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