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Source: DK/RA-UM/Gruppeordnede sager 1909-1945. 139. D. 1, ”Tyrkiet - Indre Forhold”. Pakke 1, til 31 Dec. 1916
Edition: Danish diplomatic sources
Departure of telegram: 09/10/1915
Arrival of telegram: 09/27/1915
Embassy/consular serial number: Nr. 117
Translated by: Matthias Bjørnlund
Last updated: 03/23/2012

The minister at Constantinople (Carl Ellis Wandel) to the Foreign Minister (Erik Scavenius)


Nr. 117
Legation de Danemark.

Constantinople, 10 September 1915.

Mr. Foreign Minister,

As a new example of the [Ottoman] government's use of all means to raise money due to their already mentioned pecuniary difficulties, I have the honor to inform you that the daily newspapers are reporting today that a commission with representatives from the various ministries has been established to decide on how to assess the financial responsibility of the subjects of enemy countries here for losses suffered by the enemy's bombardments which violate international law.

This [initiative] is thought to concern in particular losses suffered from the bombardment of the coal mines at Herakli which supplies Turkey's navy with coal. It seems as if the recent arrests of c. 200 Russian subjects here in Constantinople are related to the abovementioned measure.

With the highest esteem I remain, Mr. Minister, yours faithfully


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